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Things To Consider Before Migrating To Cloud

Cloud is  not only the virtualization but about efficiency, scalability, elasticity, economy and doing things faster and better. Cloud computing has created a buzz around the digital world by becoming a complete digital unit for storing data, application and service hosting, and easier business solutions. You do not need to invest in huge server if cloud is there. According to the survey 90% of enterprises and SMB’s have already moved to SaaS, PaaS or IaaS digital solutions. You may want to become one of them too but before migrating to cloud services, here are some important things you should have to consider.

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Risk & Security Management

Cloud come along with multiple risks. This point might make you think twice before you migrate to cloud, but your data is an asset of your organisation and to put it on wide range of space facilitated by cloud which may snatch you in a risk. And do not you worry too much about it, rather than risk, cloud cover up many advantageous things for your business, only you need to aware of its use by knowing its risk management and security policies. Cloud henceforth promotes security management and various policies under which you will be safe on it. So try to understand this management and make an approach towards best hosting service provider before migrating to cloud. So that you can easily come up with the solution over risk issues. Following two things are main concerns in cloud infrastructure, you should have to consider while migrating towards it:

  • Data Security
  • Availability and Authorization

Data security mainly consider when data is movable in remote storage and everyone has to be sure that unauthorized user will not accessible to it. Different risk issues hence different types of security services. Not necessary that every business needs the same level security, every business is variant from  their services, products, features, data and structure, hence they need different level of security. If your business is based on external data collection like an online store, you need high-end security for your business. If your website or online documents contain primary business data like passwords then again, you need top-notch security.

Cloud Services

There are main three types of cloud services, SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service). These three services plays an important role in cloud technology, we may say its whole concept is based on these frameworks. So you have to consider your service need as per your business requirement and type. Study about what kind of service you really need to go for and want to apply for your organization. Take time and decide wisely. If found yourself confused regarding this reach to a popular web hosting service provider.

Migration Tools

Migration scenarios are generally offered by vendors on which you must have to take your time to explore its tools. Many server applications consist of native data export tools for documents and databases manipulation to create virtual infrastructure on cloud. It is recommended to all to research on all migration solutions that are facilitated by various vendors and choosing the best among all that fulfill your needs. You can further go with following mentioned guidelines if you found yourself in confusion regarding migration tools:

  • Azure with Data Management Gateway
  • AWS Cloud Data Migration
  • Google Cloud Platform

Types of cloud

You should be aware of cloud types to count your business type accordingly and you would get served as per your desire. So basically there are two main types of cloud:

  • Private Cloud

        Resources of private cloud are distributed among users in private space rather collectively consumed. This cloud is safer than public cloud. If money is not an issue for you then private cloud must be your choice.

  • Public Cloud

Public cloud’s performance depends on bandwidth and cloud resources. Public cloud is cheaper than private cloud and resources are shared publically.

Backup and Recovery

Backup and recovery is the utter treasure of any business’s data, workflow and information. SMB’s consist of smaller IT infrastructures with few applications which may not be related to each other. Therefore it is possible to use a more unified tool for any server migration without any consequences. To make backup and recovery cloud provide backup tools that are capable of moving an infrastructure unit to the cloud with least complications. If you need to transfer a small IT infrastructure, check out cloud backup software that can create a snapshot of your physical server and then restore it as an Amazon EC2 instance.

Cost Estimation

Purchasing cloud services can be a serious issue if you considering to migrate there. While estimating the cost of migration to the cloud you have to focus on following things:

  • Usage and cloud services pricing. Computing and storage resources are typically billed separately so mark this sentence and pay on regular basis with “Freeze” option for unnecessary resources and pay for only the customized services that you are demanding.
  • Use cost calculators if you are using cloud of Amazon, Google and Microsoft:
    • AWS monthly calculator
    • Azure Pricing Calculator
    • Google cloud Platform Pricing Calculator

If you are up to uploading a huge amount of data then you need to pay for data import or export service charges.

IT Infrastructure & Management

Yes it is the top level necessity that if you are   you must possess a good internet connection to use cloud services smoothly. But contrary to these overstated claims there are other concerns too. Like,  bandwidth, compatibility and customized IT infrastructure. It is also necessary that you should have to make a study about your business needs and IT infrastructure to manage it at best as per your need and then you can discuss it with respective hosting partner to know more and better advantages of cloud over your issues and queries.


As we can see cloud is rocking nowadays in IT industry because of its characteristics and compatible format of services. So why to miss on this chance. Move your business to cloud. Don’t think slight a once about migrating to cloud instead think twice about its considerations while fixing it up for your business. Focus and study well and get prepared with these above mentioned things that you have to consider before migrating to cloud.