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Dedicated Hosting

In today’s era of business where things change and evolve within the blink of an eye, it has become of utmost priority that you and your business keep up with those evolution as they happen. Now, that may not be possible if you don’t have the support that you need from your dedicated hosting services providers. In order to achieve that you need to have reliable hosting services for you.
At Mavrickhost we understand that the productivity of your business is influenced by the power of your IT infrastructure. Which is why at Mavrickhost we furnish you with reliable dedicated hosting services along with optimum level of security and disaster recovery, so that you or your business run smoothly and are never at stake. All managed dedicated servers go through a comprehensive security analysis before they are unfolded to ensure security and that’s just not it, we keep up on our toes all the time to ensure that we bring you back to where you were during the hard times of disaster.

Why Choose Dedicated Hosting?

  • Great Performance: Feel the crude performance of managed dedicated servers, storage, and networking — and create your very own solution for tremendous performance with dedicated hosting services.
  • Cloud Flexibility: You get the flexibility to scale up your dedicated hosting to the cloud of you preference in future. AWS, Microsoft Azure you name it.
  • Complete Control: You can now be rest assured that your dedicated hosting, servers, storage, network capacity and other important components are not shared with anyone else.
  • Total Security: As your dedicated hosting services are only being consumed by you, thus it provides higher level of security.

Why Choose Mavrickhost For Reliable Dedicated Hosting?

  • Expert Support: We understand what you need and deliver the same. Which is why Mavrickhost is one of the leaders in reliable dedicated hosting, with professionals in virtualization, security, data, ecommerce, web content management, emails, disaster recovery and IT transformation.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is must which is why we offer you a choice of public, private and hybrid cloud platforms, along with managed dedicated servers — all backed by the world’s arch technologies, along with OpenStack, Microsoft, AWS and VMware technologies.
  • 100% Uptime: A single glitch can adversely affect you business and to prevent that you need 100% uptime. We assure you of 100% uptime guarantee combined with 100% production platform uptime guarantee when opting for critical application services.
  • Scalability For Cloud: Not everywhere will you find such flexibility. Incorporate the performance of dedicated hosting with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud when choosing Mavrickhost and create a best-fit multi-cloud to meet your needs.





Our team of customer support and technical professionals are with you 27 X 7 X 365 so that you don’t have to worry about anything.


Mavrickhost provides 100% network SLA uptime guarantee with dedicated hosting.


You’re completely free to employ your dedicated server with Mavrickhost for any personal or business needs as long as they are not illegal i.e. you cannot market or sell drugs or use it for pornography and other such abused actions.


The best backup solution for dedicated servers are extensive capacity HDD drives that can be combined for a low monthly fee as a backup drive to store your backups. Other option is to have our Managed Hosting team set up an automated backup and send the backups to a 3rd party storage.


Mavrickhost’s servers back an unlimited number of websites, parked domains and subdomains, as long as you are within your designated resources.


You are free to create as many IMAP or POP email accounts as you wish! Characteristics such as Autoresponders, Forwarding and Aliasing are unlimited too.