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The Future Of Cloud Computing

Just like back in history cloud is still rocking in its way. Future of cloud computing is shaping the wisdom of evolving IT technology. Following are few considerations about its future growth, let’s have a look :

The term “Cloud Computing” is nothing but the concept of intergalactic computer network. The idea of an “intergalactic computer network” was introduced in the sixties by J.C.R. Licklider, who was responsible for enabling the development of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) in 1969. His vision was for everyone on the globe to be interconnected among accessing programs and data at any site from anywhere. Explained Margaret Lewis, product marketing director at AMD,: “It is a vision that sounds a lot like what we are calling cloud computing.”

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What It Holds? : Future Of Cloud Computing

Future of cloud computing is holding many things to look forward for, we can see few of them as follows:


  • Hybrid Cloud


According to the sources 50% of companies are going to adopt hybrid cloud by 2017. The hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds, a combination of strengths allowing organizations to achieve the performance of on-premises solutions yet also the management convenience of the cloud business model.


  • More Application Availability


Probably 56% of enterprises consider cloud to be a strategic differentiator and approximately 58 percent of enterprises spend more than 10 percent of their annual budgets on cloud services. Future of cloud computing providing more and more options to include tons of softwares and applications to get developed and explored on cloud.


  • Market Growth


Market growth is utterly depends on response of customers on your product’s services and here quality matters a lot. Since from the foundation of cloud, it never made its customer to use it at average level, cloud always take care of its end users and their demands. Henceforth it is shaping fabulously its structure and so that we could see the growing future of cloud computing by the time passes.


  • Development & Innovation In Cloud


Activities in research are shaping by large set of analysis and support actions, such as research projects, standardisation, training, outreach and dissemination in the areas of cloud computing. Moreover, several research activities have focused on the implementation of advanced service platforms which exploit the capabilities of innovative software engineering tools and methods in order to deliver composite internet and cloud services. Below are few new things about cloud services that exploring widely nowadays :

  • Online Video Retailer To Spikes In Demand
  • Masked Complexity
  • Online Entertainment Platform : Greater Market Adaptability
  • Intelligent Assistance


  • Net Neutrality


The principle of net neutrality is simple, it is to treat each type of content equally and charge it same. The term was introduced in 2003 by “Tim Wu”. In concern of cloud computing there are three rules of net neutrality :

  • No service throttling : SaaS providers should not favour one customer over another in areas such as capacity, elasticity, accessibility, resilience or responsiveness.
  • No paid priority services : SaaS providers should not selectively offer or provide better services to selected customers at the expense of others.
  • No services blocking : SaaS providers should not arbitrarily restrict or block access to computing and storage services.


In this fast growing world’s era, future of cloud computing must be not an exception. This article would have been given you a basic level idea regarding how future of cloud computing is rising up by 2017, hope you have enjoyed it!