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Top Cloud Computing Trend In 2017

Cloud computing always grab an attention in the amount of cloud only. IT industry can not be completed without this field and hence the market is increasing for this field is in massive demand. And as cloud is progressing highly so that its trends too. Since 2012 to till mid of 2017 cloud achieved a great growth in its utility. Following are few of cloud computing trend that are rocking in 2017. Let’s have a look!

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Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is the hottest cloud computing trend in 2017. Though it named as serverless computing does not mean that you are utterly not going to use the serverless architecture for your cloud services. It simply means that as compared to now you will going to use the customized resources and on demand resources. Rather use of huge and massive quantity of machines, you will get provided to use it in less manner and as per your organization’s need. Due the nature of cost effectiveness in operational events and infrastructural cost, serverless computing becoming the captivating cloud computing trend in 2017. Key players in serverless computing are:

  • IBM,
  • Amazon Web Services with Lambda Platform,
  • Microsoft.

Public Cloud Services Approach : Enterprises Revealed

Public cloud services approach is increasing due to its security measures and other privacy terms and hence it is now massively competing with private cloud services. It is much cheaper as compare to the private cloud services and easy to maintain too. And henceforth many enterprises revealing their open approach for this brand new cloud computing trend in 2017.


Till now we only aware of three main types of cloud services i.e. :

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS

But in 2017 it is crossing the boundary as demand is very highly in pick point. Hence container as a services enhancing as a whole brand new trend in cloud computing trend 2017. Enterprises are showing immense interest in containers among the “Virtual Machines”. This trend basically deals with:

  • Agile Development
  • Micro-service Architecture

As microservices and containerized workloads go mainstream, new categories such as container management, orchestration, security, logging, monitoring etc. are driving conversations pertaining to public cloud deployments. It is quite likely to witness that container-driven software code management will rise along with Linux containers that may soon become available in most of the public and private cloud platforms in 2017.   

Cloud Security

Security is the agile phase no matter what and in which field it would be included. Hence it’s not at all an exception for cloud computing trend to get improved betwixt of technology and time. According to an IT expert Scott Chasin :

“There is a growing call for security to be treated as a fundamentally basic utility where safety can be assumed. The cloud is the key to enabling this, with benefits like storage options, scalability and ease of deployment”.

As threats are growing so the cloud security concern is getting massive focus from cloud computing trend in 2017.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence In Cloud

Machine learning and AI is improving day by day and it is not a debarment from cloud computing trend. Following four massive players are already got the considerations of ML and AI in their cloud system, they are:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • AWS
  • IBM

IBM using ML & Apache Spark for cloud services along with the platform called “Project DataWorks” that automates the intelligent deployment of data products on its cloud.

Multi-Cloud World

AWS will no longer be “so alone” in the cloud space these year as multi-cloud concept is evolving tremendously in cloud computing trend for 2017. While Amazon is still the market leader in the public cloud space, Microsoft Azure is quickly gaining market share. Today’s consumer increasingly requesting training for this platform and we have seen this trend growing in 2016, especially for the Enterprise and it is still on high pick in 2017.


Cloud computing is an integral part of IT system and it is trending astonishingly in industry this year. If you are thinking to move your business on cloud you must be aware of its trends. Hope this article helped you to know much better about each cloud computing trend in 2017. Liked it? Share it!