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Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Shared Server

Shared server is one of the cost effective hosting service for startup hence many small businesses and startups look forward for this hosting option. By looking upon its demand in market many hosting service provider promises to deliver higher disk space, better data transfer speeds and more number of email accounts. You may get the best service if you are aware of this factors better and which of them you have to consider and neglect while purchasing a shared server plan. Following the list of factors with its elaboration that you have to consider before purchasing a shared server.

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Security is the most prioritize concern to consider while purchasing a shared server hosting service for your business. If your plan is well furnished with latest and updated security features then you can easily focus on other beneficial matters relevant to your business growth.

Affordable Plans

Research as much as you can before purchasing a shared server hosting plan for your business. Make sure when you fix it up it should be for permanent time duration instead temporary.


Email Accounts

Email accounts mostly get provided by your requirements but many of providers prompts unlimited accounts too. So make a search for unlimited one so that you can use it without putting it in limitation. Or even if you choose any provider make sure to ask about this factor frankly before purchasing a shared server.

Bandwidth & Storage

Bandwidth and storage is like accommodated space for your data and its manipulation as well as transfer through internet world. The more bandwidth and spacious storage you would get in your hosting plan the more your website in smooth flow.


Support generally exists in two types for hosting :

  • Tech Support

Tech support solves all your technology level queries and they should provide this facility 24/7 for a time duration.

  • Administration Support

Administrations basically supports you in admin panel management as well as in maintenance of website.

Support factor is a “must need” of every hosting plan so do not make it an exception while purchasing a shared server.

User Friendly Web Based Control Panel

Remember to choose user friendly web based control panel when you purchasing a shared server plan. The benefit of it is that when upgradation will takes place in your plan or service it would be feasible for you to choose customize resources further for betterment of your hosting service.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime simply gives you an idea about presence of your website on internet and this uptime is totally depends on how your hosting service is supporting it. If your provider promises you for 99.80% uptime guarantee then it sure fact that your website will be down for total an hour in whole month. About uptime some providers fails to keep their guarantee promise and to overcome of this kind of conflict you have to make survey regarding this factor while purchasing a shared server.


Choosing a hosting service for your business decides your online future in the world of internet so make sure that you are choosing it at best deal. And to make a best deal about purchasing a shared server hosting service for your business you must have to consider factors mentioned aloft.