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7 Brand New Trends In Web Hosting For 2017

Considering internet as a future we are unable to visualize it beyond websites. And to run these websites everyone need some sort of storage and manipulation support to work on. This support can be provided through the concept of hosting. Web hosting possesses various types in consonance with the nature of websites and henceforth agility in trends for current time phase. Here are 8 brand new trends in web hosting for 2017, let’s have a look.

Cloud Hosting Security & Growth

As many big industries are exploring cloud hosting services it is necessary to think upon how to make more trends and improvements in its security and growth for its better-long lasting future. So according to the experts cloud hosting security and growth is one most demanding trend in web hosting for 2017. They have also stated that hackers are more focused on ruptures in cloud security hence it is essential for every hosting company to offer cloud products with anticipating its weaknesses among the best security.

Green Web Hosting

By reducing carbon discharges hosting can be improved in eco-friendly way, this is what included in green web hosting. Well inspiring people to go green on the internet is one of the great step to be taken. Flourishing companies are looking for more feasible web hosting solutions henceforth it is the best enhancing trend in web hosting for 2017. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. recently released a report showing that the demand for green web hosting has risen sharply in 2017. Spare companies are transitioning to greener business models, hence growth in insistance must accelerate more in the near future.

DDoS Alleviate

High profile companies mostly get affected by DDoS attack. DDoS is Distributed Denial Service Attack, where a malicious person floods your server with so many requests at a time that it can not keep up and crashes. In 2017 there are increasing count of web hosting companies that are offering DDoS protection with upgrading option in respective hosting plan. This is the kind of alarming trend in web hosting for 2017.

Differentiation In Cloud Hosting Provider

In this year prices are likely to increase as providers infrastructure needed to support cloud hosting among layers differentiation and additional services on top of existing hosting plans. Here trend is the degree to which individual providers are able to do so in an automated way that minimizes the need for human intervention. Its unique concern makes it one of the brand new trend in web hosting for 2017.

Partnership & Increasing Reseller

Count of small to medium sized hosting companies become bundlers for the specific services packages expected by small business users and online companies. Vying price, niche specific approaches, and stellar service will all play a key role in how this growing class of middlemen continues to evolve. Some speculate about whether hosting companies will actually phase out their own infrastructure altogether in favor of acting as straight resellers with lower infrastructure costs and therefore higher margins for Amazon and other larger players. Hence this trend is becoming much more considerable in web hosting for 2017.

Improvement In Domain Name Format

Involving fascinating domain name format is the best improvement in domain name history and eventually it is appealing as a brand new trend in web hosting for 2017 due to its sudden diversity. Continuous same format surely causes the boring tendency for users and the developers too and to maintain the interest in technology it need to be evolving in every aspect.

DIY Website Builders

Basically DIY website builders the genre that provides the websites building within website by providing hosting plans along with the construction. It mainly includes few examples of website builder’s sites such as “Wix.com” & “Squarespace”.


Having the knowledge about hosting is not enough but to know its trends. It help you to understand this concept better. So what are you waiting for? If you possess any question relevant to hosting on your mind, follow these trends in web hosting for 2017 to grab more specific answer.