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Ways Of Calculating Bandwidth For Your Hosting Services

We all know bandwidth is the core of every hosting services. Many people are unaware of this concept about hosting as well they fail to possess the impeccable knowledge about bandwidth. So it’s time to know about the factor of bandwidth and calculating bandwidth for your hosting services before you look forward for any hosting services. In this article you will find out what kind of role bandwidth plays in hosting services and what are its ways of calculating to get a satisfactory service in the concern of bandwidth for your website or business.

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Bandwidth In Hosting

In hosting bandwidth is nothing but the data transfer rate per instance in between the respective website and rest of the internet world. For more detail explanation about bandwidth we can consider the example of “Tunnel”. The bigger the tunnel is the more traffic of vehicle you can see, that means more vehicles can transfer from the respective tunnel if it is bigger and wider in size but if the tunnel is narrow then it blocks the traffic. Same is here about the bandwidth it plays an exact role of tunnel. The wider the bandwidth the more traffic you will get on your website. To understand it much better we can consider following statement too:

If your website contains a 1MB picture, and 2,000 visitors view the picture, it uses 2,000MB(2GB) of bandwidth. So while looking for your need of bandwidth you must have to consider below essentials about it, when you approach any hosting provider:

  • Networks
  • Connection
  • System

Calculations To Decide Proper Bandwidth

If you are clear about your bandwidth need then it is easy for you to fix up your hosting plan accordingly. Following are few steps and types of calculating bandwidth for your hosting services that you can carry on with:


  • Basic Calculation Dependency


Basically, calculating bandwidth depends on following main factors when it’s all about data transfer:

  • No of Page Views[pages],
  • No of Visitors[per day/week/month],
  • Size of Data[ content in bytes : kb,mb etc],
  • Average Page Size[kb etc].


  • Guesstimation : Basic Bandwidth Calculation


  • Measure the average page size of your site in kilobytes (kb).
  • Multiply that average page size(in kilobytes) by the monthly average number of visitors.
  • Multiply the result from step 2 by the average number of pageviews per visitor.

If you don’t know, use “Pingdom’s” Load Time test on a few pages and take the average of those tested pages for your base testing number.


  • Redundancy : Without Downloads

“Required Bandwidth = Average Page Views * Average Page Size * Average Daily Visitors * Number of days in a month (30) * Redundant Factor”

  • Average Daily Visitors: The total number of monthly visitors/30.
  • Average Page Size: The average size of your web page.
  • Average Page Views: The average page viewed per visitors.
  • Redundant Factor: A safety factor ranged from 1.3 – 1.8.


  • Redundancy : With Downloads

“Required Bandwidth = [(Average Page Views * Average Page Size * Average Daily Visitors) + (Average Download per day * Average File Size) ] * Number of days in a month (30) * Redundant Factor”

  • Average Daily Visitors: The total number of monthly visitors/ 30
  • Average Page Size: The average size of your web page
  • Average Page Views: The average pageviews per visitor
  • Average File Size: The total file size divided to the number of files
  • Redundant Factor: A safety factor ranged from 1.3 – 1.8


  • Bandwidth Usage


Bandwidth usage is basically measure of website traffic. You can consider it per day, week or monthly to calculate your bandwidth usage. It mainly follows two types of traffic usage :


  • HTTP


HTTP traffic is incurred both when people visit and download files from your site using a Web browser.


  • FTP


FTP traffic is incurred each time you upload site content using an FTP client.


  • Monthly Bandwidth Calculation

“Monthly Bandwidth Calculation = ( Number of Visitors * Pages * Page Size ) / 1000”


  • Live Streaming Website Bandwidth Calculation


Live streaming website bandwidth calculation depends on following contents :

  • Streaming Bitrate in Kbps
  • Total Number of Viewers
  • Total Event Duration


  • Live Streaming Media[Content: Audio/Video] Bandwidth Calculation

“Live Streaming Media Bandwidth Requirement = ( Listeners * Bit Rate * Length * Days )”


“Bandwidth” this word is as easy as perplexing. Once you are crystal clear about your bandwidth need, you can win half of the hosting battle. Many factors are dependent on your website’s bandwidth, so make sure you have made the best deal about it to achieve the best outcomes.