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5 Major Reasons Why Your Startup Might Stall

The main motto of any startup is to provide best process and services by unveiling dynamically emerging technologies and innovative products. A startup aims to meet the marketplace by developing its own scalable business model, but not always it happens that your startup would take high at the first place, it needs patience and accurate plan along with experienced set of employees to run any startup. Failing which results into failures. There are many reasons behind why startup fails, out of which we have handpicked five of the majors of them. Do read them below.

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Business Model Failure

Your business model is the mirror of your success, so ensure while building this you have acknowledged the cost of acquiring a customer and it’s lifetime value. If your business model fails to pay adequate attention to figure out the realistic cost of customer acquisition, then eventually it will cause failure in your startup.

Less Productivity and No Market Demand

As a startup, you always need to remember that you are unveiling uniqueness of your product and services, so while using your service and product, relevant customer is apparently expecting the constructive and exclusive results for their entreaty. But if in case you fail to make the best it will disappoint your targeted customers and will automatically affect on your relationship with them. So, probably your brand will decrease in demand in market too. For this you need to be agile with newly arriving technologies and market demands.

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Unconcerned for Customer’s Demand

If you are not aware with your customer’s demand then it’s a bitter fact that your business is going to stall. Always know your customer. Listen to their needs and requirements carefully and suggests them some beneficial concerns regarding their queries. At the end never forget, you are starting up a business to serve your money and time values to make others life beneficial and reliable.

Destitute Employee Team

This is one of the most important factor that affects a lot to any startup or company. If your are having the best working team with you then you may achieve your goals or else it never takes too much time to turn it into worst case scenario. Startup’s employee team consist of two main categories-

  • Technical
  • Management

Usually technical team fails in their work if they are not putting efforts to know more about new technology and lack of updated skills while management fails at the strategies and research for market demands and economical norms.

Poor Marketing

If there is no market for a product that you have built then it’s a crystal clear sign of fullstop to your startup success. Poor marketing causes a huge impact on your startup business. Many constitutes of  meager marketing can add up the loss of about 14% overall to your business. So, always watch out for marketing and get it done in the best way possible.


Startup concept is growing rapidly world wide, but very few of them can achieve the best place in market. According to the survey 90% startup fails while you can be the one of 10% who are successful. But, remember only if you take serious notes of what works and what doesn’t for you startup.