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Small Business Ideas For 2017

In this fast growing world, it’s dead sure fact that new business ideas quickly emerge among new demands and necessities of human. But, mostly startup and small business fails due to lack of knowledge about the current trends in market and people are seeking for more uniqueness in everything rather than the same routine. So, if you are thinking to start your small business in 2017 you must be aware of best small business ideas that are in huge demand nowadays. There has never been a better time to start a small business by taking consideration of these smart and trending small business ideas for 2017 listed as below.

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Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural Market is in huge demand as it connects different types of cultural people together. So it is eventually a limitless small business idea for 2017. Construct a consultancy or a multicultural marketing firm so that you can grow your business with global leaders by not making an issue of any cultural humanity and rules. Multicultural marketing strategies are in because of its ultimate uniqueness where small businesses can take advantage to make profit globally with ease. It contains mainly three types of values for business:

  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Collaboration

Cannabis Licensing Consultancy

Cannabis Licensing is captivating the eyes of entrepreneurs in 2017 as this industry is forwarding fast in market. Cannabis is the source of a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous future for all. More than 1.2 million people already use medical marijuana for a wide variety of medical problems, from cancer to epilepsy to depression. By getting into this burgeoning industry, you will possess a fledgling market with room to grow.  

Asteroid Mining

This is the beyond sci-fi idea which is exploring and exploiting the future of business in space. We all know resources are running out on Earth and hence the value of rare metals and minerals may worth the cost of asteroid mining, especially for the investment of deep sea drilling worth of billions of dollars. Many entrepreneurs are not aware of this concept of asteroid that it’s possibly lucrative small business idea for 2017.  

Freelance Copywriting

If you are a wordsmith, freelance copywriting can be a best fit for you this year. It could prove to be a fruitful side-hustle or may be full time for job. Companies will pay big time for someone who can write clean copy, whether it’s for blogs, websites or advertisement and even for editing services. Its nice idea for small business startup this year as you can make bids and as per requirement you can get commission if you are hiring someone for the particular task or whole benefit is yours if you are trying at your own.

Healthy Fast Food

As fast food is known to everyone along with its unhealthy facts but what if you are making it with health conscious parameter and considerations. It may sounds like easy to emerge in market but hard to get with executing in business. In 2017 market it is storming around because people are getting more health conscious and so that entrepreneurs are getting chance to think upon their demands.

Social Media Consultancy

Nowadays hardly you can see a business running without social media, no matter either it is small or big. Your business would stand out of crowd if your are having social media background for its growth. Facebook and Twitter are still on top of the list but you will now explore more than that just like by using Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Scoopit, Medium etc. Tumblr and Instagram have more than 100 million user according to the verge. If you are having better understanding in social media, try to start the social media consultancy for businesses.

DNA Design Firm

Reading DNA gives clues to disease and it reveals some diseases. Testing DNA for patterns that matches with disease won’t disappear so easily. BioNanomatrix, Philadelphia company provides technology solutions for reading such a DNA and is working to get granted on DNA sequencing under $100 by 2020, so great deal if you want to get start with this new small business idea for 2017 by providing on demand service with providing such DNA solutions to the respective patient or a person.

Focus On CrowdFunding

Crowdfunding is the concept of investing in a business with a particular group of people especially for startups. For this entrepreneurs always try to hunt trustworthy investors and the source of new people who are interested to invest. Crowdfunding is not quite pre-selling or fundraising either but it’s a whole new thing in market.

Car Sharing Business

Car sharing is now onboarding. In USA it has already took place in many area. The business deals with the renting the cars to customers  as per their demand. Its an affordable deal rather to invest in car if you don’t use it often everyday.

Ghost Writing

Beyond online writing, more entrepreneurs are authoring books, with the aid of ghostwriters, to build their credibility. Crafting the content can be tricky from favorite brands, books, blogs or other media and hence many companies seek for ghostwriters to write down their thoughts on paper.

Water Trading

Water is becoming scarce and it said that water is the oil of 21st century. Water issues are a coming tidal wave and its requirement for agriculture would be more concerned one. People will have to make a choice either to drink water or water it for their plants in future. Hence the bottle water already a billion dollar business that has be executed and many water consuming related ideas are taking place in growing small businesses.

Vertical Farming

Hightech greenhouses save significant amounts of water and rises the productivity. The idea for vertical farming can actually make cities self-sufficient for food concern. This concept arise from infectious disease ecologies, Dickson Despommier, who converted the knowledge of parasites into a way of looking at cities as a zero waste cities.

Software School

As technology is growing with plucking eyes so that everyone’s need. We can see the virtual world is rising and hence the use of software. If you can shred any software, you can build a business around teaching people how to use it. Not only this it’s today’s demand to get more and more flexibility in work so that it should be fast and we consume our time in that particular task and hence we can emerge it with variety of softwares which will get used by people. And to fulfil this demand software school is the best small business idea that you can emerge in 2017.


If you are aware of current trends that are rocking in 2017’s market, then you can easily build up your small business empire with huge opportunities. Just have the knowledge of the small business ideas for 2017 that are mentioned in this article and chase the world with full of confidence.