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What Is Shared Hosting And The Reasons To Choose It

If you are a small/ medium sized business and need an infrastructure to power your IT, shared hosting is what you should turn to unless you heavily deal into IT. A shared hosting plan is quite enough to take care of your IT requirements.  

Now, if you are newly introduced to this segment and are wondering what exactly does it mean, then please continue reading this article further. We have incorporated all the details and the aspects of shared hosting in this article to help you in understanding it in much broader spectrum.

What is shared hosting?

The name speaks about itself a lot. Turning to the definition, it goes like this: It’s a web hosting setup where different parties/ organizations share one web server to securely host their websites/ data on a server maintained and managed by a shared hosting provider.

Now, you probably must be thinking if it’s shared with others then how come its secure? Worry not, although the resources are shared but no other ‘X’ person has access to someone else’s data or the server. The only resources shared with others are the hard drives, RAM, CPU power and bandwidth. So, although the server is shared, nothing else is. Each party leveraging shared hosting can only see and manage their own site and data, thus maintaining complete secrecy. Now that you are sure that your data is safe, let’s move further in more depth.

Maintaining the shared server is generally the responsibility of the shared hosting provider which includes managing the servers, installing server softwares, security updates, technical support and other aspects of it. Although being shared it still offers considerable support like emails, web mail services, script installations, PHP and MySQL updations which come with web based control panels such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, PLesk, etc to help you manage your stuff. Which makes it all the more preferred choice for small and mid sized businesses.  

Shared hosting providers offer various plans to customers usually very low on cost with max output. But still the cost is low, how? The reason behind it is that the cost of the maintenance of the servers is distributed amongst numerous customers which makes hosting economical.

Now that you have known about shared hosting, let’s discover some of the major benefits of choosing it.

Low on cost

As we discussed earlier shared hosting is amazingly low on cost with considerable service and support. Since numerous websites do not require much bandwidth than what is furnished by the shared hosting provider, so you can use the remaining bandwidth and the space for other purposes too. Thus, you get much more than you paid for.

Easy to setup

The do it yourself feature is the most amazing things that you will find. Majority of shared hosting providers will furnish you with this facility where you can easily setup your website without any major hassle. With features like one click install it becomes absolutely amazing to host your website on WordPress and other such platforms.


The shared hosting provider need to be on their toes all the time. They don’t just manage and maintain the servers time to time but also provide 24/7/365 tech support as they have number of customers relying on the same server as you.


If it is your first time and if you are not hosting something colossal then sticking to shared hosting is advisable. The features, services and advantages that it provides is more than any first timer/ one with confined requirement can ask for. Just ensure that you elect the right shared hosting provider.

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