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The Difference Between Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting

Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting are both leading parameters to consider when it all comes to web hosting services. Though both of them deals along with same path of service like hosting, their characteristics and features differ them from each other and make them unique quantities for hosting concerns. Here in this article you will find out details of each hosting service type and the difference they possess in each to keep maintain their uniqueness in the world of hosting services. Let’s have a look!

VPS Hosting

VPS is stand for “Virtual Private Server” that defined as a single source of hosting server that would get split between various websites and hosting accounts. For more easy explanation we can consider our “Home PC” example, where that single system get handy by every homie. VPS is as same as that. If basic shared hosting doesn’t quite offer what you need and you need a little more control over your host, then VPS hosting could be the right fit for you.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server concept is literally dedicated to your own personal use. You’ll have rights to all of the resources of the machine, and you’ll be able to configure the hosting environment however you wish. Dedicated hosts are usually only worthwhile if you’re receiving over 500,000 visitors per month and have the necessary technical staff to maintain and optimize your server. However, since dedicated servers are almost always more expensive it’s generally a good idea to start with a VPS until your company is generating enough revenue to support the cost of a dedicated server.

Difference Between Dedicated And VPS Hosting

We can differentiate dedicated hosting and VPS hosting with the help of following parameters :


  • Choosing Platform


Your business platform matters when you have to make choice in between dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. If you are starting your startup or small business then VPS is the best deal. But if you are having large business then dedicated server hosting is the best choice for you as it possess a huge set up.  


  • Resource Use


In VPS you would probably face the limitation on resource use such as on

  • Disk Space
  • Memory
  • Processing Power
  • Bandwidth
  • Network Configurations
  • Entire Server

But it never happen in dedicated server. You are the owner of whole server and you customize your resources as per your business need.


  • Accessibility


In VPS hosting, server can be shareable with various VPS account holders. Where in dedicated hosting, you only possess all rights to access it. For privacy concern if you are looking for hosting then you will get in dedicated server and probably now it is easy for you to choose the perfect one from both dedicated hosting and VPS hosting according to your accessibility need.


  • Reliability


VPS hosting is not much reliable as compared to dedicated server due to increase in count of domains and it may fall in reliability. But dedicated server is more reliable as it is only dedicated to you.


  • Expansion


VPS hosting possess a high cost of expansion where dedicated hosting does not require long term expansion.


  • Domain Range


  • VPS Hosting : 20-30 Domains
  • Dedicated Hosting : 70-10 Domains


  • Scalability


  • VPS Hosting : More scalable as compare to dedicated server
  • Dedicated Hosting : Less scalable comparing to VPS server


If you are thinking to choose any of these hosting service then you can easily choose the one with which your business needs fits well. This article will surely help you to understand the importance and difference betwixt of dedicated hosting and VPS hosting services.