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What Businesses & Entrepreneurs Are Imperative To Know About Ransomware

“Ransomware” is in the top of all news that affecting the economy of the world like witches’ curse. This curse has been spreaded by Friday, 12 May 2017 infecting more than 230,000 computers by targeting the “Microsoft Windows Operating System” including 150 countries and this attack has been elaborated by Europol as bizarre in a scale. Well this is the basic information all over the world but what affection it has disseminated over businesses and entrepreneurs? If you want to know what businesses & entrepreneurs imperative to know about Ransomware, then this article is the perfect choice for you. Let’s have look on important points regarding this:

Concept Of Ransomware : Interference In Businesses

Ransomware affecting on businesses in various way and businesses get exposed due to variety of reasons. Such as non-tech startups are exclusively vulnerable and it is due to often without devoted personnel to oversee the appropriate use of IT resources which is common for computers and networks to be left unsecure.

Ransomware interfere in businesses by virtue of following falsity:

  • Lack of knowledge about fundamentals IT security and lack of training in relevant practices.
  • Staff’s insincerity regarding vulnerable to social engineering attacks such as phishing or middle man attack.
  • No bedrock of cyber-security ethics and consultants.

These are few and basic things that your business is provoking the ransomware attack.

According to Paul Walker [Partner & EMEIA Leader] : “Cybercrime has become a business captious issue affecting global businesses and cyber criminals are progressively deploying devastating forms of malware to isolate and steal company’s sensitive data. The security of these cyber assets is the key focus area for businesses and “EY’s Forensic Technology & Discovery Services” are constantly investing time as well as resources to build solutions to assist respective clients. Through the solution, Radar 360, it is possible to help organizations to recover their data post- attack and provide safeguards from future ransomware attacks.” This statement embellish the bit of satisfaction for business holders but not quite enough for the recent attack to overcome.

As a Business there are three points when ransomware attacks:

  • Pay up for the demand arrival
  • Restore for the backup if you have any
  • Unable to access your sensitive business data.

Recently if we see IT companies like Infosys and Wipro got caught in this kind of attack too. Wipro on Friday received an anonymous email demanding Rs 500 crore worth currency in bitcoins as ransom by May 25, failing which its employees may be attacked using highly toxic ricin and this same situation had face by Infosys too previously.

Concept Of Ransomware : In Concern Of Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you must be very conscious regarding not only Ransomware but also other cyber attacks. No one wants a risk while starting their own businesses but for that you have to make sure you are prepared accordingly. The recent ransomware attack caused the tense situation among countless entrepreneurs across the world and it should be the main area to focus now as per the security concern. This attack is not only affecting the economy of the world but also the increasing the spookiness among the newcomers and entrepreneurs.

From Friday 12th May 2017 to Monday, counting as businesses opened around the globe, hundreds of thousands individuals and organizations were effectively locked out of their own information. Those victims were of health networks in the UK to global businesses.

Ransomware : Basic Concept

Ransomware is nothing but a particle of malicious software which takes control of your system and hacks your document files and sensitive data which is also known as “WannaCry” malware. It applies encryption on those files and asks for money as a form of key that can restore the files and it often scrambles filenames and changes their extensions. It has variety of malware which is targeted to extort money through primarily crypto currencies such as Bitcoins. It locks computers and data while performing its action. It is enables the damage even without the need for administrator or elevated access to computers.

  • Technical Background Of Recent Attack :

Ransomware is the implied infection vector “EternalBlue” was unveiled by “The Shadow Brokers” hacker group on 14th April 2017 among with other tools apparently leaked form “Equation Group” considering to be the part of “United States National Security Agency”

EternalBlue escapade vulnerability MS17-010 in Microsoft’s implementation of the Server Message Block i.e. SMB Protocol by 14th March 2017. Affected OS types includes:

  • Windows Vista onwards (Exception of Windows 8 & Windows 10).
  • Embedded versions like Windows Server 2008 onwards.
  • Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 till Windows XP but not older.

Starting from 21 April 2017, security researchers started reporting that computers with the DoublePulsar backdoor installed were in the tens of thousands. By 25 April, reports estimated the number of infected computers  to be up to several hundred thousands, with numbers increasing exponentially every day.

Ransomware : Working Process

Ransomware is the malware and its process of attacking includes following points:

  • Phishing E-mail spreads the attack
  • Uses “EternalBlue” exploit & “DoublePulsarbackdoor” developed by NSA
  • Get spread through network directly to infect any exposed system.
  • A “Critical” patch had been unveiled by Microsoft on 14th March 2017.
  • It was mainly infected the system like Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
  • Microsoft had not announced any of these updates on time.
  • Shortly the recent period of time attack began and a web security researcher who blogs as “MalwareTech” accidentally found an effective kill switch registering a website which was mentioned in a code of Ransomware.
  • WannaCry has used an exploit: a piece of bug in the software to take advantage of Microsoft Windows and took the control of thousands of system and eventually locked the files.

Protection & Security

Well this the most wanted thing at the end everyone is seeking for nowadays after the worst malware attack. And ending up with the question like- Now what? I have got my computer infected with Ransomware. What should I suppose to do? Following points will guide you to get your protection and security while facing this problem:

  • Once you confirmed with the attack immediately diconnect your computer from the internet connection and then use another computer to find out the free decryption keys and fee tools for ransomware victims.
  • You may not have to pay for this service and you can report the ransomware attack to the FBI or Internet Crime Complaint Center. However, they will not suggest you the course of action instead just keeping the record of the attack.
  • People may sometimes pay for the ransom, especially when paying for it is less expensive than paying for data recovery firm. And chances are there after paying a few bucks you may get your data and files back.

Protection for computer:

  • Keep your antivirus software updated.
  • Install every update and patch for your OS & browser.
  • Beware of free games, softwares and toolbars and download softwares from trusted sites or sources.
  • Never click on links in suspicious emails and if you want to access then access it in new tab by going directly to the website.
  • Never click on pop-ups.
  • Regularly backup your important files and store data offline.

Microsoft has already released a patch for the latest Windows 10 operating system which is mandatory to download. For the older versions, such as Windows XP there is little hope.


If you are living in the tech world then you must to be aware of malwares too. Every good thing comes with risks and conflicts but because of that do not afraid to take step out of your comfort zone. Try to understand the technology and be ethical. If you are an entrepreneur or a multiple business holder then, in this article you will find out the important things that imperative to know about recently happened global ransomware attack.