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The Best Productivity Tools For Small Businesses

To keep your efficiency up is the most important thing for your business which you can achieve by using various productivity tools that are available in today’s market which provide you with the best business solutions.

“Work smarter not harder” to implement this statement for your business growth, you can approach best productivity tools which will help you out to achieve relevant efficiency. Few of them are listed below you can leverage for your business.

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It’s a team communication tool. This tool provides services like calls, direct messages, file managements and other manipulations & searching of your entire archives. They are also having channels to organize your team conversations with providing individual prospect for new project, new topic and other meeting conversations. It also possess a fun features such as giving a “taco” to employees for their well done job.


Grovo is the learning management system. Every business should be updated with the growing technology hence its employee set too. In today’s working world, great learning is not just about increasing what people know, but transforming what they do and so that Grovo exists for betterment. Some small businesses do not possess time as well as money to develop  new hires and eventually they would get affected by ineffective employees and here Grovo, a learning management system provide a solution. It delivers solutions with various services like, microlearning, thousands of bite-sized video lessons to employees, training for management, employee engagement features and lessons to improve employee’s digital skill set.  


Many business owners these days are transitioning their HR management process to all in one platforms like GoCo.io, which is the internet based human resource that also provides streamlines employee off boarding as well as on boarding. It covers overall features regarding HR workflow such as, integration with currency payroll and management software, administration, performance management, time-off tracking and document management.

Time Doctor

It’s a simple but effective time tracking software that allow you to keep track of your employees’ work hours. This tool let you see which websites and applications your employees spend the most time on with its exact time duration. It also grab screenshot of your employee’s computer screens and plays like a remote control to make your employees more effective, focused and sincere towards their work. According to the survey only 13% of employees were engaged psychologically and committed to their work routine properly, while rest were not and 24% were actively disengaged or likely unhappy at the workplace. So having lack of focus in your employee can put a huge impact on your business growth but with Time Doctor you can overcome of this issue.


No matter what either your business is small, big or in beginning stage, to have social presence online is today’s top obligation. And hence “Buffer” exists here to help you out with this necessity. So if you want to stay competitive in online world then you need to have this tool with you while running your small business. Buffer basically manages multiple social accounts and various tasks. The free version of this productivity tool allows a maximum limit of 10 posts a day to be scheduled at any decided time.  Assign what time you want to update your post online and add them up in queue and then Buffer will send them out across your selected social channels.

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SalesLoft provides a feature to find and win more customers. Customers are of other businesses are the main targeted customers and this software increases the efficiency and effectiveness of sales numbers with a built in sales dialer, email etc. having the deep integration with the tool. Overall SalesLoft helps to build a customer conversion and retention.


This is the best productivity tool for task management which is fortunately available at free of cost. Asana provides services like to create new tasks, monitoring multiple projects, navigate dashboards at ease and enable you to control who is able to see particular tasks. It also provide email alerts and upcoming deadline notifications regarding the managed tasks and processes.


Upwork is one of the productivity tools that allows business owner to hire freelancers for their requirement such as, web development, graphics designers, social media managements etc. related to their project. There is someone on Up Work who is dedicated to you to keep track on these processes and help you out with your requirements. Their reviews, bidding references allows you to hire and approach the one you are seeking for.


Nozbe is one of the great project management tool that works on the strategy of “Get Things Done”(GTD). It allow you to view all of your tasks related to your project by context such as Office, Fitness, Home etc. so you can quickly access the things. It schedule the tasks, syncs with Google Calendar, integrates with Evernote and DropBox and send To-Do’s form email. It also manages recurring tasks and attached file.


Strides, one of the best productivity tools used to measure how well you are achieving your goals day by day. Smart working includes plan for your business goals which are have to be clear with its objectives and milestones as checks to check how well they are processing further to get done properly. So Strides here help you out with these issues. It tracks your goals and habits. It is flexible to track anything with 4 powerful tracker types. It maintains recurring alerts for updation that you can set as per your requirement. And it also track you on your dashboard daily.


You can achieve your goals if you have faith on your adaptability and ability but somehow you will face many challenges while running your small business that may lead you to the failure. But don’t you worry now, because above mentioned tools are the best productivity tools for your business’s growth. So, what are you waiting for?  Follow it! Share it!