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6 Powerful Ways Of Getting Best Marketing Results On A Starter Budget

Until your brand get settled in the market it’s a tough battle to market your startup with global brands. In limited budget you cannot make any brand recognition so easily until and unless you posses a strong concept behind beginning your startup. Sometimes your target users may have heard about you but they are not aware of what exactly you are going to serve them so rather to know they invest their time to replace you with other recognized brands. Countless startups break through crowded market. How do they do it with starter budget and how can you? How do you slay Goliath when all you have is a tiny slingshot? Below are 6 powerful ways of getting best marketing results on a starter budget, let’s have a look.

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Advantage Of Social Media

This is the best in budget way to market your business. We can say it is almost free of cost path which facilitate you advantage of marketing globally, only if you know how to use it productively. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon etc. are the popular social medias where you can buy and sell your product as well as market it at best. You get here variety of people across the world and you can easily grab that market for your startup by performing some engagements and joining communities.

A/B testing

A/B testing is the way of marketing you use almost for every marketing channel by making sure that there is a difference between spending your money wisely and unnecessarily throwing money to drain it. You can save a lot of precious cash if you choose A/B testing to market your startup. Only the necessity of using this technique is you should be more methodological while applying this for your marketing concern.

Guerilla Marketing

For small businesses and startups “Guerilla Marketing” is blessing. It looks to leverage imagination, legitimacy and creativity in place of big budget. Small companies often uses this technique to compete with huge one. There is no shortage of ideas in this marketing type. Lets see some examples related to this, so can be sure about its use:

  • Organize a flash mob to captivate crow attention and promote awareness of your brand.
  • If you are having a mortar location, pay someone to create eye-catching art with chalk.

Valuable Content

No matter what if your content is not valuable you can not reach to the goal of marketing for your startup. Not only potential customers do love best content but so does Google. Start marketing by making your valuable contents in the form of blogs, videos, hosting podcasts, creating infographics, slides of presentations that informs users about your services and products, submitting articles to online sites etc., it will help you not only get attention by end user and increase your customer but also it will help your website to rank higher and achieve required traffic.

Leverage Scalable Advertising Channels

Advertising medium such as radio, newspapers, TV ads can be extremely costly and hard at measuring the effectiveness of it, but online advertising can be cheaper as compare to that. Google ads and Facebook ads are popular options for this kind of marketing. Make sure you have registered your business in free online directories like Google Business for Google Maps and Yelp. You can also promote your advertisement of startup by using following free of cost and effective methods:

  • Windows Decals Advertising
  • Car magnets and Bumper Stickers
  • A Telephone Message as Hold Tune
  • Email Marketing

Power Of Digital Economy

Digital marketing is in huge demand and rising vastly in world’s economy. Though in the earlier times it was very difficult to conduct marketing on lower budgets, through digital evolution we can easily overcome of this issue. Digital channels are the most powerful one which allows a person to market his business in low budgets. Digital helps you in making decisions on what have you worked for and it may somewhat limit your audience at the starting level but would provide you immediate response and practical result for your marketing.


Big brands are armed with huge marketing budget, and sometimes their strong reputation saves them from much investment on marketing. However the story is completely different for small businesses and startups, where every single count of investment need to be yield in real and immediate marketing ROI. But could a marketing strategy be achieved with limited and starter budget? This article may help you to overcome of this issue.