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10 Small Business Website Errors That Drive Customers Away

You define your presence worldwide through your website and if your are in your startup phase then you need to keep website in your priority list for your best branding. Small businesses can achieve their desired goals by launching their website online and it indeed helps a lot to grow your business in various ways. The best deal is that you can communicate with people in any corner of the world. So, absolutely it’s a great thing to have a small business website but if you are possessing any of following errors in it then it will direct your customer to replace you for their service requirement and they will go away eventually.

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No Metrics

Usually metrics decides your website’s performance and how it is working time to time. It give you information about every inch of movement that is happening online through your small business website. Performance metrics track your business’s paid or organic reach, progress, needs and customer’s habits. So it is necessary if you are running your business along with its official website then you must be updated with it too. But unfortunately it is recorded this year that 75% of small business websites do not use analytics tools to measure their performance while 60% do not feel they have need to use such a tools that make sense to resolve their performance issues though may website analytics tools are free and easy to use and install not limiting themselves with Google or Bing Analytics. Pingdom is the tool which provide details of your website’s loading time, feedback of your website’s visitors, browser and device they are using to visit site and overall their satisfaction level. Using this kind of insight can pinpoint bottlenecks on small business websites and even recommend ways to correct them. You would sense a great loss if you turn down on free help of metrics for your small business website.

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Insignificant Content

Insignificant content on your website can undoubtedly cause you a loss. Putting useless content on website that never meant any concern about your services and spread no idea regarding your product then remember “Look at me content” never attracts a bunch of  customer instead loss. Information dumps and inwardly focused website content are big turnoffs. Keep your content meaningful and relevant to your business, customers are approaching your website not for your dump information but to fulfill their requirement through your services and they expects quick response.

Lack of Dedicated IT Support

Set your budget for the IT person. It’s a need of tech savvy and IT supporter if you are having your own business website. It will save you to cost for any mistake like cyber attacks, loading issues, content issues and other technical stuff related to your business website. According to the records till now 44% of small business websites have been attacked by hackers and a single cyber attack costs $8,669.48 approximately. So it is always better to set budget for dedicated IT support. Go for the monthly website maintenance plan that your website developer agency provides you. Have knowledge about it.

Blurry Branding

Differentiate your company in meaningful way, that’s your brand. You may come up in market with  many slogans that describes your services and products but having online presence worldwide make a difference here. Having that word power does not help a lot here if you are not serving them properly and your business website help you to build your brand all over the world easily, so make sure that you  are representing them through your website what you are in real life. Fakeness can push your customers away. Show your uniqueness in services and concern towards your customer values.

Loading and Waiting

This is the main and another issue that can harm your business website performance and profit instantly- “Much Loading Time”. No one like to wait for something though everyone knows that patience causes fruitful results but every time this statement can not work for you if your website is having loading errors and problems oftenly. In fast pace your website must be a fast working and responsive otherwise it may lead your customers to another option by annoying them badly.

No Privacy Policy

To secure your website’s response from spam, you must have to make your privacy policy and these days many small business people are less focused towards it and effortless too. List out few conditions that are against of your business and plan your security or privacy policy with affirmative statements that will keep your site and business safe. You can not guarantee that your end user must be your customer, that can be anyone, that may be a thread, because your presence is now worldwide and you have to face such challenges but it will be a worry thing for you if fail to make your privacy policy.  

Lack of Contact Information

If you are doing business no matter ether online or offline you have your origin somewhere. You have your presence of company somewhere, you live somewhere, so of course your customers are always agog to know your real life presence. If you would not mention any contact information on your business website it may cause trust issues to your customer. And rather than wasting time to think about this, they will replace you with another one. So lack of contact information may sounds like a small problem but it can spread a huge impact on your business.

Not Mobile Friendly

99% of people around the world use mobile phones in their daily routine. And it is now a need for every android or smartphone user that if they search any website on their cell phone then it must fast and responsive i.e. well fit to their mobile screen so that they can explore on it easily. The same concern belong to small business websites too. But still 60% of all small business owners do not possess their own mobile friendly website. So having no mobile friendly website can make small businesses to miss  on the key consumer.  

No Social Media Link

For marketing concern social media play an important role in your small business. Social sharing is a key component of any digital marketing and lead generation strategy. Having social media links can let your customer interact with you openly, they get a chance to express their experience that they had with you to their other communities, family and friends. So automatically if your service is best you no need to put yourself for marketing efforts and brand building. Having no social media link on your business website first put a very impression on your customer, it reveals that you are not updated with current trends and eventually let them go away from you.

Outdated Content

As we discussed earlier in this article only about insignificant content, well there is difference between insignificant and outdated. Outdated content may be relevant to your business but not necessary that people are liking to read it because somewhere by reading or having look upon it may seem to them outdated or repeated. So keep your content unique, ready to read and engaging to reader. Keeping thyself updated dynamically and daily can rank a business website higher on search engines and are more engaging for visitors. Know the content marketing strategy and try to visit its conferences so that you can keep your website run according to the fast changing world. 64% of small-business owners find the time necessary to update their website a major challenge, and 24% say the cost of maintaining their site is a big hurdle. Having the CMS platform can save you a bit. But if you are still not updated with outdated content parameter then you must be in danger. Think again and work out on putting uniqueness in your content.

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Just having a website for your small business can not help you much if it is not working better without any error. For that you must be very particular about its performance otherwise these errors can put huge impact on your business profit as well as on your lead generation. So avoid these 10 small business website error that driving your customers away and rock it with best performance in the market.